Choosing the Right Firm: What Size is Best for Your Career?

One of the most common questions we ask candidates is, "What size of firm do you want to work for?" This is a crucial question because it helps us tailor our conversation and provide more detailed and relevant options that best fit your career goals.

In accountancy practice, firms can be broadly categorised into several types. Each type of firm has its unique advantages and challenges. If you're unsure about the differences, here’s a quick summary to help you decide which might be the best fit for you.


Independent firms are usually local with a couple of partners, offering a family-friendly environment. You’ll find yourself involved in diverse work with a smaller client portfolio, providing a lot of hands-on experience. These firms typically offer a good work-life balance, though the compensation packages may not be as competitive as larger firms.


Regional firms feel similar to independents but with more scalability, as they operate across multiple sites. This can mean more travel, but it also opens up career progression opportunities, as you can move between offices to advance your career.

Mid Tiers (Top 100)

Mid-tier firms, including those in the Top 100, start to offer very specialized service lines and niche portfolios. They strike a healthy balance between the personal feel of independents and the scalability of larger firms, providing a well-rounded work environment.

Top50 - Top10

Firms in this category are often private equity-backed, which can shift the firm’s culture towards aggressive growth. This can be exciting if you thrive in a dynamic environment. These firms have been highly disruptive in the market recently, offering competitive salaries, modern offices, and attractive benefits.

The Big4

The Big 4 firms are known for offering the most competitive salaries and bonuses. However, this often comes at the cost of work-life balance. If you aim to excel in your career, specialize in a particular field, and lead significant projects with high-profile clients, there is likely no better place than a Big 4 firm.



Image Source: https://iconscout.com/free-icon/office-building-3611651