Placement of Corporate Finance Associate at a Top10 firm in South Wales


The candidate was initially working within a Restructuring team at a Top 40 firm in the West Country; however, they were looking to move into a more diverse service line such as Corporate Finance while relocating back to South Wales to be closer to family members.


We initially had a call with the candidate to understand more about their current situation, motivation, and the type of role they're looking for. At the time, we were working with a Top 10 firm that was looking to bolster their audit team at the Trainee/Associate level. Due to the candidate's background in restructuring, it seemed like a great fit worth exploring.


The candidate had a one-stage interview with the Corporate Finance Partner and Manager, to whom they would be reporting. During the interview, their background in restructuring was discussed, as well as future plans for the Corporate Finance team. Shortly after the interview, a competitive salary and study package were offered and accepted.


"Hadley is very approachable and considerate. He supported me throughout the recruitment process and always found the time to address any queries that I had."


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