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Placement of Corporate Finance Associate at a Top10 firm in South Wales

The candidate was initially working within a Restructuring team at a Top 40 firm in the West Country; however, they were looking to move into a more diverse service line such as Corporate Finance while relocating back to South Wales to be closer to family members.

Navigating Career Transitions for Auditors: A Guide to Corporate Finance and Beyond

Today, we'll delve into various paths for auditors looking to switch gears, with a focus on Corporate Finance due to how topical it is in todays climate.

Placement of Corporate Tax Senior at a Top10 firm in Yorkshire

We reached out to the candidate via Linkedin when acting on behalf of one of our clients who is a Top10 firm in the UK with an office in the Yorkshire area. Our client was looking to grow their Corporate Tax function with a ACA / CTA Senior Associate.

Unconventional Wisdom: Tips for Mastering Interviews

In the competitive landscape of job hunting, interview preparation is often touted as the holy grail of success. However, amidst the sea of advice circulating in the recruiting world, it's easy to feel like every tip has been covered ad nauseam. But fear not! Here are six unconventional tips to give you an edge in your next interview that you might not have heard before.

Placement of Audit Associate at a Top10 in Birmingham City Centre

The candidate had around 18 months experiance working in Audit & Assurance for a Top10 firm in the UK working on a mixed portfolio of clients. They were looking to work for another Top10 that could offer them more direct support while completing their ACA Qualifications and progression upon completion of qualification.

Placement of Audit Semi-Senior at a Top20 Firm

n the ever-evolving landscape of professional aspirations, our narrative unfolds with a LinkedIn connection following a professional recommendation by a colleague as they sought a new role at a Top 20 firm